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New Stock

in 2017 we welcome to La Sportiva Testarossas, a new design of the Petzl Corax harness and a new range of 5.10 shoes.

Monthly Features 

Boulder Mat

An uncompromising crash pad for maximum safety and cushioning.  With a surface area of 140 x 115 cm the Dead Point is one of the biggest taco-style pads on the market.

The seamless taco design provides optimal fall protection, and the layered construction of varying densities of shock absorbing foam makes this the ideal landing spot for bold boulders.

Features include side straps to allow you to store all your other gear inside the pad, shoulder straps, foot mat and a whole extra pad - the Sit Start launch pad.

Weight: 6000 g

Dimensions: 140 x 115 x 10 cm

Price: $380



The Tendon Smart 10.0mm is an entry level rope but one that has uses far beyond. The mid-range diameter of the Smart means that it will handle well through your belays but wont weigh you down too much. Unlike most other ropes the Tendon Smart 10.0 has a light external treatment to offer some degree of water and abrasion resistance as well as a handy half way marker.  Can be used in grigris.

Rope Diameter (mm) - 10.0

Weight (g/m) - 65

Number of UIAA falls - 6

Sheath Slippage (mm) - 2

Dynamic Elongation (%) - 36

EN 892 - Yes

CE 0408 - Yes

Price: $240

Chalk bags

Funky one-of-a-kind chalk bags handmade in West Auckland by one of our dedicated climbers. These have a generous mouth for ease of use, a belt strap, and also a brush holder. 

Price: $30