Don’t get tired of doing what is right. So often in our society it is easier to do the wrong thing, than to do the right thing. Recently at work we had an incident where a five year old was threatened if he spoke up. He was upstairs eating lunch, when three other children came along and started rummaging through bags. One bag belong to a teacher. One of the children removed money from it and shared it with the other kids. She then gave some money to the five-year-old told him if he spoke up about what he had seen, she would deal to him. The child was afraid, but he also wanted to do the right thing. He knew he was being watched and if he went to a teacher they would stop him. He quietly approach one of our staff and told them what happened. The whole situation was resolved and the teacher got her money back. This only happened because a 5 year old wasn’t afraid to do the right thing. All of us everyday find ourselves in situations where it is easier to do the wrong thing. It might be asked to lie for insurance claim or cheat on a test to get a good mark. Or simply look the other way, while someone does something wrong. My challenge this week is this; “Will you step up like the five year old and do the right thing, even if it is hard or may cost you”