In my last year at college I was the only boy in my Tutor group to pass. Three years later I saw my tutor teacher and she asked what I was doing now. I proudly told her I was an apprentice carpenter and I really enjoyed it. She looked at me and replied “is that all you are, I expected so much more from you.” I was devastated and really angry. Fast forward 3 more years. I had graduated as a teacher and my first job was in my old school. My teacher was still there and I couldn’t wait to tell her what I thought of her comment and rub in I was a teacher and a carpenter I had 2 careers and had done really well as a chippy. I laid awake all night thinking back to her comment 3 years ago. I got angrier and rang a thousand scenarios in my mind. I would put her in her place. The next day I went in and she wasn’t there. I laid awake the next night planning my revenge. Next morning still not there. This went on for another 2 nights. I became angrier and frustrated. I wanted her to know the hurt she had caused me. Finally on the 5th day I asked around to find out where she was. She was off sick, she had been diagnosed with a brain tumour. I felt sick and stupid. All this anger I had towards her seemed pointless. This poor woman, she had no idea about what I had been thinking or planning.

It got me thinking about a verse I had heard. Ephesians 4 v26. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger. I needed to forgive her. The way I was feeling, my lack of sleep, was all because I had fixated on my anger towards        my teacher. Once I forgave her I felt much better about the whole situation and myself. Next time you are angry about someone, forgive them before the sun goes down. You might feel the need to tell them direct, or say it quietly to yourself, or pray about it. You will feel and sleep a lot better once you let it go and move on. Remember “don’t let the sun go down on your anger.”





Picture taken from the Tamaki Estuary while kayaking back fro a trip.