Through Failure Comes Growth.

When I was teaching, often we would come across tests and exams that had been left blank by a student. I would ask the student why did you not answer the question or questions. Their response was always the same. “I didn’t want to fail”. In their mind if it was left blank they hadn’t answered it and therefore they did not get it wrong and hadn’t failed. Of course they got zero and had failed.  Sadly most people are scared to fail. It’s a sign of weakness. The truth is we do our best learning when we fail. It can highlight our weaknesses and areas of our life that we need to work on. When we rock climb and fall off, we get back on the wall, try again and figure out what we did wrong and try and improve on it, or change how we approach the problem. We should apply the same principle to every area of our life. Every successful millionaire will tell you they failed several times before they succeeded. But they didn’t give up and they didn’t let failure stop them from trying. With failure comes growth. Don’t be scared to fail and you will continue to grow in knowledge and character.

After giving this message to the Hoppers last week I was forwarded a video by Will Smith. 

Check it out.

Remember it is ok to fail. 


I failed to secure this hold correctly and



That was the end of my climb. Auckland Regionals 2018. 

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