It's that time again!

Come and join us for the first round of the Glen Eden Extreme Edge Interschool Series for 2018 on Sunday 8th of April! This is a great introduction to climbing competitions and is only as serious as you make it. What's there to loose?

-------------Key Information -------------

Cost: $17 per person including harness hire ($12 with own gear)

Gear Hire: $2ea for climbing shoes or chalk bag hire - limited availability!

Junior/Intermediate/Senior and Male/Female categories

There will be 15 qualification climbs, with points distributed along the climb. You get one attempt at each climb, and the higher you get the more points are yours! Your top 5 scores add up to give your total, and then the climbers in each category with the top 3 total points will go onto the finals! All climbs will be on top rope.

All rules will be explained on the day at briefing.


You are welcome to stay and climb after the event at no extra charge.

----------- Provisional Timetable -----------

8.45am - Registration

9.00am - Briefing

9.15am - Qualification starts

11.30am - Qualification end and lunch break

11.45am - Finalists announced

12.00 - Finals start

1.00pm - Finals End and Prizegiving

1.30 - Competition ends