We offer a number of courses for Kids and Adults. Our courses give kids and young adults the insight and training that the needs to become experts. 

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We also offer one-on-one tuition for both kids and adults. This is where we pair you with one of our rock climbing experts and learn personal rock climbing tips and tricks unique to your ability. Please contact us about our tuition courses and prices are upon request.


Bring your school group to Glen Eden Extreme Edge!  We are an excellent location for a PE group to come out and experience rock climbing!  Our instructors can tailor our sessions to emphasis physical training, team building and safety systems, and/or fun challenges.  We have special deals and prices for schools.  Call us for more details on what we can offer you!

Business study groups.  Glen Eden Extreme Edge is able to offer your business study students a full day visit to our gym, to learn about the behind the scenes management and running of our business.  The bulk of this is lectured by the business owner himself, who will take the students from the very beginning and idea of the gym, how to grow a business and manage staff, upkeep and maintenance, through to long term goals.  These lectures are split up with climbing sessions where the kids are allowed to try out the climbing for themselves, and to ask staff any questions they may have.  Call us today for more information, prices, and to book!  (09)818 3038


Lets be honest, there are plenty of things that you can do to get started on your rock climbing training right at home. Please refer to the below resources and video that are great for newcomers and experts to further sharpen you skills. Happy climbing - we will see you out there!