5A Waikaukau Road
Glen Eden
Auckland, NZ 

(p) 09.818.3038
(e)  info@extremeedgegleneden.co.nz

Weekdays: 10am - 10pm
Weekends: 9am - 9pm


24th Dec 9am - 4pm
25th Dec closed
26th Dec closed
27th -30th Dec 10am - 6pm
31st Dec 9am - 4pm
1st Jan Closed
2nd Jan Closed
3rd Jan 10am - 10pm (normal hours resume)



We offer a range of entry options from casual climbing to 10 session passes, right through to annual membership. For those looking to fine-tune their climbing technique, we offer tuition. Climbers using our sports climbing facilities can also hire quality climbing gear from Extreme Edge Glen Eden. Prices cover full day entry to Extreme Edge Glen Eden with unlimited re-admittance during the course of the day.


Casual Entry

Adult (16 yrs or over) + harness hire: $22
Child (15 yrs or under) + harness hire: $17
Pre-schooler (5 yrs or under) + harness hire: $10
Adult with own gear: $17
Child with own gear: $12
Bouldering only: $10
Family Pass: 2 kids + 2 adults (or) 3 kids + 1 adults: $60

Specialty Entry - 10 Entry Pass

Adult + harness hire:  $176
Child + harness hire:   $136
Adult with own gear:  $146
Child with own gear:   $100
Bouldering with own gear:$80

Gear Hire

Chalk Bag: $4
Rock Climbing Shoes: $5
Harness: $5
Tuition: Price upon request

Extended Passes

One Month: $122.00
Three Months: $265.00
Six Months: $341.00
One Year: $605.00
One Month: $83.00
Three Months: $193.00
Six Months: $230.00
One Year: $410.00