Kids birthday parties at Climbzone are a huge hit with kids and extremely popular with parents looking for a stress-free, celebration option. Call us for more info on (09)818 3038

As one the the best activities for kids to do in New Zealand, having your party at Extreme Edge will be the icing on their cake.


Standard prices to our gym are as follows:
3-5 year olds = $10ea
6-15 year olds = $17ea
16 years + = $22ea
These prices all include the harness required for climbing, and are 'all day' passes.  

We have discounts for when there are ten or more climbers, as follows:
6-15 year olds = $13.60ea
15+ = $20ea
All still include harness hire and no time limit, this is automatically applied to your party as soon as you get 10 or more climbers (they can be of mixed age groups, i.e. 9x preschoolers plus 1x child will still work to get the discount).

The other fee for the party will be the table hire (optional) which is $20 and covers the two hours that we limit the table hire for.

General info:
We do not provide any catering, you're more than welcome to bring all your own food and drink with you, we just ask please no party poppers, popcorn, nor alcohol.  A popular option is to order pizza in.

The children don't need to bring any special gear, however they will need to be wearing closed-toe shoes and appropriate clothing - skirts, dresses, and big fancy costumes can all make wearing a safety harness very difficult.


Extreme edge offers a plethora of facility for corporate and team building events. We have hosted numerous rock climbing international and national events, and local corporate activities, and as such we are well equipped to handle all your professional needs in a manner that represents your business excellence.

Give us a call us for booking larger groups, as sometimes charges can apply for booking a double party area.


Standard prices - unlimited day pass
Adult entry including harness: $22 each
Child entry incl harness (6-15 years old): $17 each
Child entry incl harness (3-5 years old): $10 each

We offer the following discounts for school holiday programmes booking with us. 10% (10+ climbers), 15% (25+ climbers) or 20% (60+ climbers) depending on your final numbers.  So a more accurate price range would be:

Adult entry incl harness: $17.60 - $19.80 each
Child entry incl harness (6-15 years old):$13.60 - 15.30 each
Child entry incl harness (3-5 years old): $9 (maximum discount).

What to expect:
On arrival, we will assign you with one or two instructors depending on the size of your group, and they will give detailed safety instruction on wearing the harness, self-belaying on our automatic side of the gym, and for your staff, the gri-gri belay on the non-automatic side.   There is no charge for learning these systems!
This is where most of our instruction ends, excepting the constant safety maintenance patrols; your own staff will help to clip the kids in and out of the walls if they are having trouble.  However we can also organise races/challenges with the kids, too!

We have a seating area upstairs for food/gear/etc which carries no extra charge, and, being a holiday program, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.

Please note that the automatic side has a weight limit of 110Kg, but the non-automatic side has no restrictions.  Also note that to receive the group discounts, we do require one lump sum payment. 

If you have any further queries, or to book, please do not hesitate to email, call (09)818-30-38 or pop in and see us as 5 Waikaukau Road, Glen Eden.

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